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This webpagewas designed as a way for parents to connect with teams looking for players for the upcoming baseball season. CFSA does not act as any kind of broker for player recruitment. The information listed below is given independent of CFSA by teams/coaches who plan to play in the CFSA leagues during the upcoming baseball season. CFSA does not endorse any specific team(s) listed on this page.

If you are a team looking for players please send the following information via email to Once spots have been filled you MUST send an email so we can remove the listing.

If all the information is not received complete it will NOT be posted. Please include:

  • League - Must specify if team will play in select, elite or premier
  • Age Group of Team - Please refer to published DOB range for the current season. This information is listed on the season information page links to the right.
  • Team Name - If a team name has not been established, please include that information in the email
  • Number of Openings on Team (optional)
  • Positions Available (optional)
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Phone (optional)


Advantage Baseball Summer Baseball Tryouts!

Advantage Baseball Summer Baseball Tryout Dates: Saturday, June 6th – 7th.

Saturday June 6th at Advantage Baseball

7U and 8U players from 9am – 10am
9U and 10U players from 10:30am – 12pm

Sunday June 7th at Advantage Baseball

7U and 8U players from 4pm – 5pm
9U and 10U players from 5:30pm – 6:30pm

We are looking for dedicated players and parents to play and get detailed practice and tournament play for the summer. We are looking at 1-2 events each week including “Baseball 101″ as well as indoor and field practice.

Ages: (7u select) (8u select) (8u elite)(9u select) (10u select)

Coaches with professional experience will be brought on board for the summer!

If you can’t make it, please contact us for a possible personal tryout. Call Advantage Baseball for more info (281)550-2433







League: Select
Age group: 6U & 8U
Team name: Most Feared
No. of openings: All positions open
Contact: Rene Rodriguez
Contact no: 281-543-4877

Most Feared 6U & 8U is looking to fill multiple poistions. Our goal is to develop young kids who are ready to play competive ball. If you are interested in a try out or need more infomation please call, text or email Coach Rene.     











Spring Scorpions

Scott Harris



The 6U Spring Scorpions (7U for this fall) will be having tryouts on July 11th from 9-10:30AM.  Practices and our private hitting cage are in Gleannloch Farms.  We have a volunteer coaching staff and paid instructors.  Our 2015 8U team competes at the elite/AAA level and ranks among the top teams in Houston.  

Our team page is:


Tryout Location:  Gleannloch Farms Sports Complex, 19828 Gleannbury Pointe Drive, Spring, Texas 77379



League - 7U Select

·         Age Group of Team - born 5/1/2007-4/30/2008

·         Team Name - Baseball Starz

·         Number of Openings on Team  2-3

·         Positions Available (optional) ALL

·         Contact Name Coach Brian

·         Contact Email

·         Contact Phone 832-483-9878


Click here for Spring 2015 Tryout info:



·        League - 7U Select

·        Age Group of Team - 7U 

·        Team Name - TC Nationals Force 

·        Contact Name- Victor Nava 

·        Contact Email-

·        Contact Phone 832-492-5969

The 7U TC Force are having on going tryouts for the fall and spring season. The 7U Force will be a fully sponsored team that will be professional coached. For more information please contact Victor Nava at 832-492-5969. 


  • League - Select
  • Age Group of Team – 7U Coach Pitch, to participate must not turn 8 before May 1, 2014. (birth dates between 5/1/2007 and 4/30/2008)
  • Team Name – Cy Fair Titans
  • Number of Openings on Team: 1-2 Spots open
  • Positions Available – We play year round baseball and have been fortunate to have a successful group of players and experienced coaches to finish with a 55-8 record over the past year. We ended the season winning the Nations South Zone State Tournament and finished 8 other tournaments by finishing with 4 first place, 2 second place and 2 third place finishes. We will play Cy Fair Fall 7U Select/Elite/Open 2014-2015 7U Select coach pitch and 6 tournaments. If you are looking for a team that enjoys playing good competitive baseball, come out to participate in a practice.
  • Contact Name – Jonathan K. Preto



·        League - 7U Select

·        Age Group of Team - 7U 

·        Team Name - Hard Hitters

·        Contact Name- Mark Cepeda

·        Contact Email-

·        Contact Phone 832-760-9697

 The 7U Select Hard Hitters are looking for a dedicated player as well as PARENTS to fill out our spring roster. We will have at least 3 events a week, outdoors as well as indoors.When games begin will go according to our progress, adding more or staying at the same number of events. We are looking to develop, as well, as compete. Call to schedule a personal tryout. WE WILL PLAY IN A MINIMUM OF 1 TOURNAMENT A MONTH AND PARTICIPATE IN LEAGUE BALL








League: Select
Age group: 6U & 8U
Team name: Most Feared
No. of openings: All positions open
Contact: Rene Rodriguez
Contact no: 281-543-4877

Most Feared 6U & 8U is looking to fill multiple poistions. Our goal is to develop young kids who are ready to play competive ball. If you are interested in a try out or need more infomation please call, text or email Coach Rene.








League: Select

Age Group of Team: 8U

Team Name: Dierker’s Champs Bombers

Number of Openings on Team: 2

Contact Name: Stephen Frank

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 713-870-5168


Dierker’s Champs 8U Bombers are looking for 2 players to complete their roster. Please contact Stephen Frank @ 713-870-5168.










        •             League – Fall Select League

        •             Age Group of Team – 10U

        •             Team Name – Houston Hawks

        •             Number of Openings on Team – 5 or 6

        •             Positions Available - all

        •             Contact Name – Joey Ware

        •             Contact Email –

        •             Website –


        We are a new 10U select team in the fall of 2015.  We would like to get a group of kids and parents that would like to stay together for a long period of time. We are not looking for team hoppers who look for the next best thing.  Too many times we have seen kids who hop teams to try and make the highest level or best team that they can and the end up not improving because they get different coaching every year or six months, basically starting over every season.  We want to win baseball games and we want to coach winning teams, but we want to do it by having our kids improve every day and making the team better that way - not by picking up better kids and getting rid of the bottom kids every season.  We tell kids and parents that once they make the team, they are on the team forever or until they decide that they no longer want to play with us.  Once they make the team, we will not cut kids because we found someone better.


        The Hawks are coached by a teacher in CFISD who has been coaching select baseball in Houston for ten years.  He has coached two groups of players from metro to 14U elite.  The first group was from 2006 - 2009,  this group put seven players on high school teams and currently has two playing in college - one will be at Texas Tech in the fall.  The second group was from 2010 until this past spring.  Seven out of ten that tried out made their respective HS summer team.  The 10U Hawks will be the only team that he coaches and he will move up with them every year until the end of eighth grade.


        We will be having our second tryout on July 7th at Sandlot Sports at 630 pm.  We will be having tryouts throughout the summer until the team is full.



        Joey Ware

        Coach – Houston Hawks

        Hawks Logo

        • League - 10U Select
        • Age Group of Team - 10U Select - Player has to have turned 10 years of age after April 30th 2014
        • Team Name - Sandlot Canes
        • Number of Openings on Team:(4 to 5)
        • Positions Available: (All)
        • Contact Name : R.A. Leaks
        • Contact Email :
        • Contact Phone (305) 502 - 0922

        Looking for players to join an organization on the rise!


        ·  League - Select

        ·  Age Group of Team - 10U

        ·  Team Name - Texas Bandits Blue

        ·  Number of Openings on Team 2

        ·  Positions Available: Infield and Outfield

        ·  Contact: Jack Behar

        ·  Email:

        ·  Tel: 844txbandits


        Winners of the 2014 Fall 10U Select CyFair Division, come join the most exciting 10U Select baseball team in the Cypress, Tomball and Spring Counties. We are part of Premier Baseball and the Texas Bandits Organization. We are coached by professional coaches in the most exciting baseball facilities in the area.  If your player has experience playing 10U Select or 10U Elite and wants to take the next step in his development, call us to schedule a personal tryoutEvery player will benefit from what Premier and the Texas Bandits training facility offers. Our facility has lighted turf fields and the best cages in Houston.







        Team name -Texas Outlaws

        League – Select

        Age Group – 10U

        Number of openings – 2

        Positions available – all

        Contact name – Bobby Leskovsky           

        Contact email –

        Contact Phone – (832) 477-6845


        Texas Outlaws 10U is looking for 2 players that are wanting to join an organization that is growing rapidly. We are now at 4 teams and we have practices as a group to improve all skill sets.

        If you are


              League - Select 

              ·  Age Group of Team - 11U

              ·  Team Name - Proway Colt 45's

              ·  Number of Openings on Team 4

              ·  Positions Available   pitcher, catcher, middle infield

              ·  Contact Name Proway Baseball

              ·  Contact Email


            • League - Select
            • Age Group of Team - 11U
            • Team Name - Texas Bandits (Swift)
            • Number of Openings on Team - 5-6
            • Positions Available - All
            • Contact Name - Ryan Swift
            • Contact Email - 

            Texas Bandits (Swift) is looking to add to fill out the 11U Select roster.  Practices will be at Premier Baseball.  We'll be playing in the CFSA league + 1-2 tournaments a month.  All positions are open.  Please e-mail for tryout info.

            League - Select/elite




            league: premier or elite

            age: 11u 

            name : Team Mizuno 11u

            openings :4-5

            contact : Mark Klein


            phone: 832-473-4211


            Team Mizuno 11u is having try-outs at baseball Usa at 2pm on field 2 on January 18. We are looking for 4-5 players to join our team for the spring. We will be playing elite or premier. The team will be coached by Mark Klein with 25 years coaching experience and Xavier Abad. coach Mark is also a scout for the MLB Cleveland Indians. We will be playing 2-3 tourneys a month and practicing at Baseball Usa. Please contact Mark Klein at 832-473-4211 if you have questions. 


            ·        League - Elite

            ·        Age Group of Team 11U

            ·        Team Name Texas Outlaws

            ·        Number of Openings on Team (optional)  1-2 players needed

            ·        Positions Available (optional)

            ·        Contact Name Chris Lewis

            ·        Contact Email   

            ·        Contact Phone (optional) 281-923-4110

            We are looking for 2-3 Elite/Premier level players that are interested in joining our family.  

            I am looking for a middle infielder that also has pitching experience and/or utility players that can play multiple positions.  

            My goal is to have at least 12 kids on the roster since we have kids that play multiple sports.

            We practice at the Queenston & West Little York (CyFair) complex and Proway Batting Academy.

             Non Profit organization(501c3)

            §  YES Speed/Agility training

            §  Pro-style fielding practice

            §  No Coaching fees 

            §  True fundamentals/mental approach to the game are taught.

             Please email/text with any questions

   or 281-923-4110. 

            • Age Group of Team - 11U Select/Elite

            • Team Name  Voodoo Baseball Club

            • Number of Openings on Team      1-2

            • Positions Available  

            • Contact Name                       Curtiss Keating

            • Contact Phone                                     6018076784

              No coaching fees, $40 monthly dues, private field, weekly batting cage practices, 2-3 practices a week, 2 tournaments a month and a 5 man coaching staff to provide the one on one development that each kid deserves.








            • League – 12U Select
            • Age Group of Team - 12U
            • Team Name – Sandlot Thunder
            • Number of Openings on Team (optional):  2
            • Positions Available (optional):  Catcher/Pitcher
            • Contact Name:  Chris Laidlaw
            • Contact Email:
            • Contact Phone (optional):  832-475-6802
            ·        Age Group of Team – 12U


            ·        Team Name – Texas Giants

            ·        Number of Openings on Team (optional): 2

            ·        Positions Available (optional):  All

            ·        Contact Name – Kevin Schreiber

            ·        Contact


            We are looking for 1-2 Elite level players that are interested in joining our family.   We will play in the CFSA league as well as 1 -2 tournaments per month.  Pitching &/or catching experience is preferred, but not required.  If interested, please contact


            • League - Elite/Premier
            • Age Group of Team - 12U 
            • Team Name - MUSTANGS
            • Number of Openings on Team (optional) 3
            • Positions Available (optional) All
            • Contact Name Richard Tortorich
            • Contact Email -
            • Contact Phone (optional) 832-628-1145
            • The 12U Elite Mustangs is looking to add 2 to 3 Elite/Premier level players to our roster for the 2015 Spring season.  We are a professionally coached team that utilizes West Little York #6 as its home field.  In addition we are a sponsored team.  One benefit of being sponsored is that we are able to keep our team dues under $50 per month.  Our goal is to play in 2 tournaments per month as well as participate in the CFSA 12U Open Spring league.  We will also be playing our World Series in Omaha Nebraska June 22 through June 27, 2015. 

            Please contact us at if you are interested in setting up a tryout. 









            League - Select

            Age Group of Team - 13u

            Team Name - Cypress Cobras

            Number of Openings on Team- 12

            Positions Available – All positions

            Contact Name – David Garza

            Contact Info –

            Contact Phone – 832-764-9373


            Will be playing in CY FAIR league as well as tournaments (Houston and Surrounding areas)  Looking for young men who are interested in baseball being a part of their future.  I stress fundamentals, hard work and team work.  Your kids WILL receive individualized attention from myself/staff and will become better ball players from the minute they step on the field.  I will put your kids in a position to succeed and there are ZERO politics.  If you have any questions…feel free to contact me regarding try outs.










            League: Elite/Premier
            Age group:
            Team name:
            Texas Trappers
            No. of openings:
            Chris Lewis
            Contact no:


            The all new 14U Texas Trappers will have tryouts Jan 18th 9am @ Queenston#8

            Texas Trappers Baseball is dedicated to providing top-level instruction for serious players looking to take their game to the next level. We have created an environment that allows you the opportunity to learn and train properly in order to advance your skills and playing abilities. The development and re­finement of a player’s skills is of paramount importance in order to advance to the next level. The earlier a player can learn correct baseball mechanics, the easier it becomes to be a successful athlete.

            The sole purpose of this team is to prepare the kids for high school ball.

            For info please call/text Chris 281-923-4110



            League: Elite
            Age group:
            Team name: Grizzlies
            No. of openings: 
            Contact: Bill Bradshaw

            Contact no: 8

            We are professionally Coached by Coach "D" Darrell Nichols. We  typically carry 11 players.  No Huge rosters.  We want "reps" and "at Bats"  to get ready for High School.

            Coach D is a former Milwaukee Brewer.  He has played at the High School varsity level, Division I level, AAA profession level, and have been part of Major League spring training with the Milwaukee Brewers and Minnesota Twins.

            He has coached select baseball for 13 years and has over 60 players that have played from the junior college to professional baseball level.

            All baseball players will learn how to play infield, outfield, pitch, catch, and learn how to run bases the correct way, so that they will have the best chance to succeed at the high school level.

            The Grizzlies are having tryouts on:

            Saturday, Jan 24th, 9:00-11:00am

            Saturday, Jan 31st, 9:00-11:00am

            If you plan on attending please contact us.

            If you would like to tryout, but can not make this date please contact us.

            Location:  Grob Stadium, 9000 Westview, Houston, Tx. 77055

            The Grizzlies will be playing 2 tournaments/month and 2 practices/week

            Practice location is at the corner of Beltway 8 and I-10 west (close to Baseball USA)

            No DADDY ball allowed on this team.

            Any questions please Contact:

            Bill the GM at 832-350-3256 or email at

            Coach D at 832-689-6433 or email at


            15U and UP



            League - Premier

            ·  Age Group of Team - All High School Ages 15U-18U 

            ·  Team Name - Texas Sluggers

            ·  Number of Openings on Team: 15

            ·  Positions Available (optional): All positions available

            ·  Contact Name -- Gerald Young        

            ·  Contact Email --    

            ·  Contact Phone (optional) -- 832-305-6156