Friday, September 29, 2023

CFSA All-Stars

What is CFSA All-Stars?

I’m so happy to say that enrollment for our award winning All-Star teams is coming up again! If your daughter enjoys Cheer Off and loves competing, she will love our all-star program!   

This program will allow the girls a taste of the sport of competitive cheerleading at a fraction of the cost of elite all-star cheerleading.  The teams will compete in actual cheer competitions in the recreational division.  We partner with Cheer Factory and their amazing coaches to offer kids the opportunity to participate in this amazing sport without breaking the bank!  Elite All Star Cheerleading can cost upwards of several thousand’s a year, and we are offering this opportunity for a fraction of that!

Evaluations will be based on tumbling skill level and age to determine the best team placement for each child. Once your child receives a team placement, you will register on the CFSA website the same way you registered for our sideline cheer program. 

Our season runs from mid-November through May.

Once registration is over, we will hold a parent meeting to provide all other details about competition dates and times and the fundraising opportunities available to the teams. 

Practices will begin the week after Cheer Off, and teams will practice once per week for 2.5 hours at Cheer Factory. There will be possible additional practices added as the competitions draw near to make sure your team is sharp and ready. Times/days of the week will be set based on the team your child is assigned to. 

We really hope you will join us for this season! Our teams have done very well in the past at competitions and various teams placed first at several competitions over the last few years since we began the program! This past year two of our teams compeated in Orlando at a national level. We are looking forward to another award-winning season!

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